The statement of the Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia about the tragedy in Ukraine

The Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia is deeply shocked and concerned about the tragedy in Ukraine. We are particularly worried about the safety of civilians, children in the first place, the future of refugees and many other things that we ourselves, not that long ago, went through. As analysts, we are well aware of the fact that traumas that are being experienced now will leave deep marks on several generations.   

We remember quite well the uncertainty caused by sirens and bombs, sanctions, long lines of refugees who did not have the possibility to choose a country they could go to. Hence, we are pleading with both sides to find a peaceful solution.

On our part, we are offering professional help to our colleagues in coping in such traumatic situations for which no theory can sufficiently prepare us.  

Our Society has established a Fund for Assistance to Colleagues in Ukraine and has organized links via which we are offering experience-based assistance to fellow psychoanalysts who have found themselves in a whirlpool of the conflict. 

Knowing the voice of reason is quiet but persistent, we hope this time, as before in history, it will prevail as soon as possible in the interest of humanity, as a priority that surpasses politics, territories and ideologies.