Jan Abram, newly elected President of EPF, paid a visit to PSS from April 25th-28th, 2024.

In addition to the welcome, during her stay, Mrs. Abram was given a guided tour through Belgrade so that she had the opportunity to get to know the sights of our city, where she was staying for the first time.

This was followed by a meeting with the PSS candidates who prepared a case report for this occasion. The work method was of the “weaving of thoughts” type and fully met the expectations of both Mrs. Abram and the candidate as a whole.

After this professional event, a public forum was organized in the Belgrade City Library, a long-term associate of PSS. The lecture entitled “Frankenstein Complex: about the horrors of birth” attracted an extremely large number of listeners, which enabled a fruitful and lively discussion. This evening ended with a dinner organized by PDS candidates in honor of Mrs. Abram.

The next day was followed by a very rich professional part. This part was also attended by invited guests, the President of the Croatian Psychoanalytic Society, Oleg Filipović, as well as our Russian colleagues who currently live in Serbia. The first part was a presentation of the case of a PSS psychoanalyst following the same type as the presentation of the candidate. Then the PDS candidates joined the professional meeting and then Ms. Abram shared with the participants her work on the topic “The Non-Surviving Object – some reflections on the roots of terror.” The lecture was followed by a really rich discussion, full of associations, examples from practice and literature. The third part of this day was without the presence of candidates and was related to events in EPF and IPA. Mrs. Abram listened very carefully to all the ideas, remarks, and even criticisms that the members had regarding these two bodies that lead the psychoanalytic societies.

Mrs. Abram spent the last day of her stay in Belgrade on an organized tour of the Fruškogorski’s monasteries. She showed great interest in the details that the expert guide always had an explanation for. In this visit with Mrs. Abram was her husband John Abram, an architect, who found this visit really challenging.

During her visit to the Society, Mrs. Abram presented the PDS Library with two of her books, and the PSS reciprocated with two editions that Society published.

Psychoanalysts and candidates are extremely grateful to Ms. Abram for finding time to visit our Society and so selflessly share her knowledge and experiences with all of us, including our dear guests and public.