The announced continuation of the cycle of clinical workshops of the Psychoanalytic Society of Serbia was held on February 4th, 2023 at the premises of the Society.

All participants, 39 of them, expressed their huge interest in participating in this way of working and thinking in the second workshop.The introductory lecture, which was the continuation of the one done on the first workshop, outlined the movement of psychoanalytic thought, was held by Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Kontić.

In accordance with the announcement of the Cycle, one of the goals was to provide the participants with the opportunity to encounter different ways, styles and approaches in the process of psychoanalytic reflection. In this context, this time the supervisors within the three groups of participants were: Vojislav Ćurčić – training analyst, Olivera Aleksić Hil – analyst and Danijela Galović – analyst. The presenters, psychoanalysts in the education of our Society, were: Zona Lemez, Maja Moreno and Andrea Menzalin.

This time, the defined structure-time schedule of the workshop was followed by the dynamics of rotation of supervisors within the groups, which undoubtedly contributed to the expansion and deepening of the way in which the clinical material can be understood.

Openness to diversity, availability for exchange, immediacy with a professional approach to work characterized the atmosphere during the workshop this time as well. These characteristics undoubtedly supported the supervision and discussion of the materials that the participants considered and beyond the criticism of our presenters.

The above certainly contributed to the intellectual gratification of all participants and additionally determined the basis for continued cooperation, learning and work at the upcoming clinical workshops.