After a break of more than ten years, the Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia has relaunched a cycle of clinical workshops titled “Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Theory and Practice “. It is designed for the continuous education of professionals in the area of mental health and related professions with the aim of acquiring and extending knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The Organizational Committee took the responsibility for the entire holding and setting so that the workshop could take place within it as an analytical process. 

Nakon  pauze duge preko deset godina Psihoanalitičko društvo Srbije pokrenulo je ponovo ciklus kliničkih workshop-ova  pod  nazivom „Savremena psihoanaliza u teoriji i praksi“.

The Organizational Committee of the cycle consists of three candidates: Jovana Baćigalupo, Andrea Menzalin and Ivana Savić as well as one analyst serving as a president – Jovana Mladenović. The very organizational process included the preparation of necessary steps for the announcement of the first clinical workshop as well as the process of accepting the applications from participants and informing them of all the useful and necessary details regarding the workshop. The venue of the cycle is the Society’s head office, which certainly, due to the ambiance itself, contributed to creating and maintaining a good atmosphere throughout the workshop. The members of the Organizational Committee sought to make the very workshop even more enjoyable by making themselves available for all the questions, guidelines and clarifications.

At the successfully completed first of the four workshops, after a welcoming address of the representative of the technical seminars organization commission where the participants were introduced to the workshop agenda, psychoanalyst Aleksandar Kontić held the lecture “The Basic Concepts of Psychoanalysis – an Introduction”. At the inspired lecture, the participants were able to learn about the basic concepts of psychoanalysis, the time sequence of their constitution as well as their revisions over time. This has laid the foundations for the understanding and deepening of the analytical concepts in future lectures at workshops.   

Nakon  pauze duge preko deset godina Psihoanalitičko društvo Srbije pokrenulo je ponovo ciklus kliničkih workshop-ova  pod  nazivom „Savremena psihoanaliza u teoriji i praksi“.

After the lecture, thirty participants were divided into three groups within which the Society’s candidates – Anka Marjanović, Ivana Dobrić and Tamara Krneta presented their psychoanalytical work.

The supervisors in the groups were Marija Vezmar, training psychoanalyst and president of the Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia, Jovana Mladenović, psychoanalyst and president of the Workshops Organizational Committee and Sandra Simić, training psychoanalyst. The task of the supervisors was to facilitate the process and the integration of clinical case reports and theoretical insights of contemporary psychoanalysis.

The candidates of the Psychoanalytical Society of Serbia who did not give a case presentation took an active part in the discussion.

The final segment of the workshop was dedicated to discussion groups in which fellow participants presented their work with clients so that it can be looked at from a psychoanalytical perspective. The discussion groups were very dynamic and everyone expanded their knowledge – participants gained psychoanalytical understanding of their material and we learned about ways of working within other modalities.