II Summer School of Psychoanalysis successfully completed

The Second Summer School of Psychoanalysis entitled “Paths and Impediments to Personality Development” took place from 20th to 24th May in Hotel Babe on Kosmaj.

Forty-one participants attended the School this year, who apart from Serbia, came from Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia, giving our School a regional character. The participants came from various professions – psychologists, pedagogues, special pedagogues, psychiatrists, philosophers, professionals undergoing training or with extensive practical experience in various psychotherapeutic modalities. A heterogeneous group with a joint wish for knowledge and interest in psychoanalysis functioned and worked successfully the entire duration of our School.

The topic that the Programme Committee had chosen turned out to have attracted great interest – thematically, the School covered psychoanalytic perspectives on personality development from prenatal period to maturity, we discussed fears, aggression, sexuality as part of the main theme, then went on to cover the issue of what contributes to the optimal development and what disrupts it, and how psychoanalysis as a therapeutic method can help in working through and surmounting the obstacles in personality development…

Welcome address: Aleksandar Kontić, Jasminka Šuljagić, Ljiljana Milivojević and Nina Popadić

Participants of the Summer School worked successfully


The lectures were followed by discussion groups in which participants could hear explanations of some contents from the lectures, discuss them, deepen them and complete them with a vignette from the group moderator’s practice that would shed more light and illustrate the subject of the lecture.

Except for 12 psychoanalysts of our society who delivered lectures and moderated discussion groups, a valuable contribution was given by our candidates who created and successfully led an interesting round table.

The atmosphere at lectures and discussion groups was lively and inspiring, and our participants expressed great interest and were very active and ready to share their thoughts and clinical experience. The pace of work was intensive, breaks were short, however, it was equally lively both at the evening lecture and at discussion after the surprise movie.


The Organizational Committee made sure everything went smoothly, and comfortable accommodation, greenery and hospitality of our hosts from Hotel “Babe” made a fine framework not only for the working atmosphere during the School but for nice moments of socializing and relaxation as well.

Very positive experiences both at this Summer School and the previous one, impressions of our participants as well as the analysis of the evaluation questionnaires have been a great inspiration for us to start designing our III Summer School soon.
See you next year!