22-23 September 2023.

Hotel “Palace”, Belgrade

This year, the Summer School is celebrating a significant anniversary, ten years of its existence.

Conceived as an opportunity to get to know colleagues and interested individuals about the scope, achievements, theory and technique of psychoanalysis, through a special type of direct association necessary to establish a correct image of psychoanalysis and psychoanalysts, it has almost grown into an institution.

For the first six years, the School took place in locations outside the city according to a fixed schedule consisting of lectures, round tables, work in groups and an evening program when films were shown and discussed.

Corona made face-to-face meetings impossible, but the School continued its work online. An unusual experience that turned out to be good.

As the pandemic was declared over, the ninth School was organized live and brought back that special relationship that is established between students, lecturers and other psychoanalysts and psychoanalysts in education.

This year’s theme is “Is it finally time for constructiveness?” With this theme, we wanted to start thinking in a different direction. We previously dealt with development, various psychopathological phenomena, technique, dynamics, and now we have decided to offer the constructiveness displayed by children, adults, and groups in a time of destructiveness. So it’s not all that dramatically bad. It exists creatively and constructively both in individuals and in smaller and larger groups. Unfairly seen as a theory and technique that deals with the past, especially its dark side, psychoanalysis offers and reveals the creativity necessary for healthy development and living. It also contributes to activating the creative potential that every person certainly has.

You will be able to get details about the School through the PDS website and other social networks of our Society.

10th Summer School of Psychoanalysis accredited by the Health Council of Serbia 08/21/2023. under the number A-1-1512/23, as a National Seminar of the 1st category, the number of points for lecturers is 12, while for participants it is 6.

The price:

The registration fee is 11,000 dinars with the possibility of a payment in two instalments.

The application becomes valid after payment of 50% of the total registration fee, within 10 days after the registered application.

The remaining amount must be paid no later than 7 days before the start of the Summer School. There is no possibility of refunding the paid registration fee.

The price includes coffee breaks, lunch at the “Palace” Hotel, the book “Otisak vremena” – 80 years since the formation of the first psychoanalytical society in Serbia, set pad and a ballpoint pen.

How to apply?

By filling in and sending the form HERE.

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22-23 September 2023.

Belgrade, Hotel “Palace”

Friday, 22.09.2023.

17.00-17.15 Welcome words of the president of the Psychoanalytic Society of Serbia, the president of the Program Committee and the president of the Organizational Committee

17.15-17.30 About Summer Schools

17.35-17.55 Marija Vezmar: Is it possible to constructively overcome trauma?

17.55-18.15 Sandra Simić: About reparation

18.15-18.35 Jovana Mladenović: Psychoanalytic constructivism – relationship between two

18.35-18.55 Tijana Miladinović: A child in a creative search for a sense of self during the psychoanalytic process

18.55-19.25 Discussion

Saturday, 23.09.2023.

9.30-9.50 Olivera Aleksić Hill: Construction and deconstruction in adolescence

9.50-10.10 Oliver Vidojević: Unattainable changes or taking acceleration lightly

10.10-10.30 Nataša Đerković Lukač: Constructivity in the autistic world

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Round table training of psychoanalysts: How do psychoanalysts think?

Moderator: Vojislav Ćurčić

Participants: Marija Vezmar, Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić, Ljiljana Milivojević, Jasminka Šuljagić, Tijana Miladinović, Sandra Simić, Nina Popadić Discussion in groups

13.30-15.00 Lunch

15.00-16.00 Round table of Psychoanalysts in education

Moderator: Anka Marjanović Radonjić

Participants: Anka Marjanović-Radonjić, Ivana Dobrić, Leontina Arežina, Goran Mijaljica

16.00-16.20 Jasmina Vrbaški: Construction of identity among emigrants: children, adolescents and adults

16.20-16.40 Olga Savostjanova: Fantasizing as a creative process and as a distortion of reality

16.40-17.10 Coffee break

17.10-17.30 Nina Popadić: The importance of good experience Ljiljana Milivojević: Illness as a creation

17.50-18.10 Danijela Galović: Man and modern technologies – constructiveness and defense

18.10-18.30 Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić: Specific method of defence against trauma

18.30-19.30 Discussion in groups

19.30-19.45 Closing


If you have any questions related to any technical aspect or have any doubts, write to us at

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