Encounter of man and nature-challenges for mental health

September 23-25,2022

This year’s 9th Summer School was held in Belgrade at Ict Hub, under the auspices of DokTok. You must have seen the programme, and we believe, you were present at the event. With quite a few dilemmas about how to organize the School, we opted for the School in person and we were not wrong. 

Marija Vezmar, PSS president, Jovana Mladenović, OC president and Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić, PO president opened the School.

Školu su otvorile Marija Vezmar, predesdnica PDS, Jovana Mladenović, predsednica OO i Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić, predsednica PO.

After the opening, Ana Mladenović on behalf of DokTok took the floor and, among other things, expressed her gratitude to the Society for exceptional cooperation and contribution. DokTok awarded the Society a plaque for the entire activity in this area.

Then, Marija Vezmar presented her paper “Demeter against the explotation of the Earth’s womb”.

Nakon ovoga je  Marija Vezmar izložila svoj rad „Demetra protiv eksploatacije zemljine utrobe“.

The paper by Vojislav Ćurčić “The nature of ideals” followed.

Referat koji je sledio je bio „Priroda ideala“ Vojislava Ćurčića.

Our guest, Jonathan Sklar, an honorary PSS member, presented the next paper “Francis Bacon and the radicality of free association”.

We are grateful to Jonathan Sklar for allowing us to publish the translation of his paper in this issue of NL.

Jonathan Sklar

After the presentation, Marija Vezmar presented Sklar with our book“Print of Time”.

The next day started with the round table of candidates.

Anka Marjanović was moderator, and participants were the following:

Jovana Baćigalupo with her work “Ignorance, negligence, destructiveness-environmental crisis and is there a way out”, Milena Tomanić “Man, whole or part”, Andrea Menzalin “What attitude towards animals can tell us about man and his relationhips with others” and Maša Valkanou Karleuša “I remember, therefore, I exist or fear of oblivion”.

Then, Aleksandar Kontić gave a lecture “Psychoanalytic reflections on man and his human nature”.

Jovana Mladenović’s lecture “Helplessness
and meaninglessness: consequences of mutual limitations of the given and the desired” followed.

As well as the lectures of: Tijana Miladinović “People could be better”.

Olivera Aleksić Hil “First, plant a tree”.

Zatim predavanje Tijane Miladinović „Ljudi bi mogli biti bolji“.
Olivera Vidojevića „Sudar prirode i artificijelnog u razvoju dece“.

Oliver Vidojević “The collision of nature and the artificial in the development of children”.

Olga Savostijanova “Our internal gods (primary scene-beginning of life)”.

Nine Popadić „Uloga oca danas“.

 Nina Popadić “Role of the father today”.

Sandra Simić “Manifestations of anorexic mentality”.

Ljiljana Milivojević “Environmental conditions, a paradigm for the development of child’s capacity for moral feelings”.

After that, Jonathan Sklar gave another lecture “The Shape of Totalitarian Ideals in our Apocalyptic Times and the Missing Debate”. We express our gratitude to Jonathan Sklar for allowing us to publish this paper too in this issue of NL.

On Sunday, the work of the School continued with the lectures by Danijela Galović « Running away from the storm or playing in the rain? Shelters in us or around us », Marija Marjanović « Corona-how Pandora’s box cracked», Jasmina Vrbaški «Psychoanalysis and ecology” and Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić « When I say a coverall suit, I mean…”


On Saturday and Sunday, two discussion groups were held, with the participants being divided into three groups. Jovana Mladenović, Danijela Galović, Olivera Aleksić Hil, Nina Popadić, Oliver Vidojević and Olga Savostijanova were discussion facilitators.

diskusione grupe
okrugli sto trening psihoanalitičara

At the end, a round table of training psychoanalysts “Psychoanalysis survives in every environment” was held. Sandra Simić was moderator, and Marija Vezmar, Ljiljana Milivojević, Tijana Miladinović and Vesna Brzev-Ćurčić were participants.